Vorsa Spotlight Range

John Cullen Lighting

What - KD worked with John Cullen Lighting to help create an evolution in high-end surface, track-mounted and plastered-in LED spotlights. ‘Click-and-fit’ connectors mean that fixtures can be arranged (and rearranged) to create a diverse selection of lights from a single kit of parts. Common, shared components reduce part count and rationalise stock and order fulfilment - products can be quickly assembled and shipped to order swiftly.


Audience - Architects, Interior Designers and Specifiers (High-end residential / Leisure / Retail / Commercial / Marine Interiors)


How - Insight & Idea Generation, Concept Development, Design & Production Development


Outcome - Insight-led Innovation for a new range of modular LED spotlights that benefits from advances in LED and digital technology, the collaboration resulted in an innovative, modular kit of parts with ’click-and-fit’ connectors.



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