Casio x Yamaha

What - Yamaha Design Studio London, Casio Computer Co. and Keechdesign created a project centred around the use of everyday objects

Over thirty guests from across the creative industries were invited to Keechdesign and Yamaha’s Central London studio to participate in PLAYIFY - an event highlighting the unconventional and unexpected uses of our everyday tools, equipment and objects


Each guest was challenged to bring in an item that they use everyday as part of their work, and show how they use it ‘playfully’.


PLAYIFY aims to capture how creatives interact with their personal objects in a playful way, giving designers valuable insights for future products. The event also provided an opportunity for individuals from diverse industries such as design, music, crafts, architecture, publishing, fashion, technology and retail  to interact and collaborate.


Audience - Multidisciplinary and cross-industry: Architects / Artists / Craftspeople / Designers /  Innovators / Makers / Musicians / Publishers / Fashion designers / Technologists.


How - Event Planning, Branding & Communications, Graphic Design, Design Insight.


Outcome - A co-hosted collaborative experience centred around designers and creatives from multiple industries, captured within a book of participants and their PLAYIFY objects.




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