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What - Humanising technology. The Arlo earbuds are not only designed to enable the user, but also augment how we interact with lifestyle technology. We set about designing a product and interface that would support a seamless sensory experience.


How - We spoke to a pool of users about lifestyle and tech habits, along the way developing a bank of insights that helped us shape our approach towards creating Arlo. We found that although consumer tech is undoubtedly becoming more domestic across the board, in many ways these devices are still pervasive in our day-to-day routines. We wanted to explore how we could create a connection between device and human on a visceral level without the technology feeling invasive.


Outcome - Arlo's tactile design takes cues from both fashion and jewellery, with our primary design intention to create an object of expression and character. Comfort was also a key driver in the overall aesthetic -  ergonomically and visually - so we considered various material and texture combinations and found that users warmed most to the familiarity and intricacies of softer textiles.



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