We bring design to Life.

Keechdesign is an award-winning product design and brand experience agency located in the heart of Central London.



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Keechdesign UK Ltd.

112 - 114 Great Portland St.

Fitzrovia, London, W1W 6PH


We're located in the heart of Central London, so if you're near by and would like to have a chat, get in touch with us!


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We help brands create engaging experiences across multiple touch points; from product design to product launching and product marketing.


We take a multi-dimensional approach to engaging people with the brands - integrating face to face interaction with digital, social and traditional media.


We create experiences that connect brands to the people who really matter, customers, staff, dealers and business partners.

What we do

We are a 360 degree product design and brand experience agency in London. Our diverse experience throughout the design industry means we can support, facilitate and deliver outstanding results, whether it be concept design generation, product launches or brand events.


We excel in creating unique customer journeys for products and brands from research and design to brand communications, with first-hand experience in a broad scope of industries that include; consumer product, business equipment, wearable tech, audio visual, architectural products, automotive, construction and interiors.

We bring design to Life.








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